Shower Types

Shower Types for Buyers Choice

Showering has been taken to the next level with many cutting-edge showers on offer today. The type of product you go for will determine your overall experience in the bathroom. No wonder those with state-of-the-art products spend quality time in the bathroom.

Choosing the right shower is not a stroll in the park since there are many brands and models to choose from, especially if you are searching for the best electric power shower. This guide is all you need so that you will be properly guided to make the most satisfactory decision.

Electric Showers

Electric Showers

Electric showers have been around for a long time, and they remain the choice of many shoppers all over the world. They work through the connection of the device to the major heating system while the cold flow is changed to warm.

These types of showers are cheap and very easy to use. They are flexible as you can fix them in whatever place in your washroom as long as you can connect them to the major water supply. Electric showers have the advantage of working every time, even if the remaining heating system in your home is not working.

Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers blend cold and hot water so that you can get the perfect water temperature. They are very common in basic and contemporary bathrooms. They are not usually bulky, and that is why they look sleek.

They are perfect for bathtubs, and you will find them featured in many bath taps. They don’t come with electrical components, hence, they contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your washroom.

Power Showers

Power showers are common in areas with low water pressure. They make use of cutting-edge shower technology to blend cold and hot water.

Also, power showers come with a pump, which guarantees quick water flow at all times. They are economical because they only heat the water that you are using.

Investing in a power shower will bring good returns in the long run. It is your best bet if you want a rejuvenating showering experience.

Digital Showers

Digital Showers

Digital showers are designed with great innovations that will amaze a technology freak. With just a touch of the button, you can set the water temperature of your choice.

You are absolutely in control since you can pre-determine both water flow and temperature. You get this done through a wireless panel before entering the shower. As soon as it reaches your preset settings, it will give you a sign so that you will know the right time to enter.

Shower Towers

Shower towers have the capacity of accommodating various types of jets, heads, and controls. They make it possible for you to tailor every wash to conform with your state of mind. They are flexible and offer the most invigorating time in the bathroom.

Other Shower Features To Consider

Having looked at the various types of showers in the market, there are other things to look out for. There are some accessories that you need put at the back of your mind if you want a glamorous bathroom experience. Here are other features to consider before buying a shower.

Shower Valve

If you will be buying a mixer shower, you may need a shower valve as an accessory for your device. A shower valve makes it possible for you to choose water flow and temperature of your choice.

If your shower is luxuriant with extra accessories like an extra handset, these valves will come with a diverter. This will make it possible to interchange between the two, even if they are three.

There are various valve styles to choose from. There are concealed valves for minimalist users while there are decorative revealed valves for luxury seekers. Also, you can get these valves in single, double and triple versions.

Shower Heads & Accessories

There are various types of shower heads and accessories in the market right now. Hence, you need to put this into consideration when making your decision. There are fixed shower heads, riser rails, shower arms, and other accessories that will make your device function perfectly.

The type of showering experience you want to bring into existence will determine the accessories to go for. For example, a shower riser rail is your best bet if you want to set up a shower in a family bathroom.

This will make it possible for you to change the height of the shower head to meet up with the height of every member of the family. The addition of a rain bar or body jets will add more glamour to your bathroom spa experience.

Shower Pumps

A shower pump is a great addition to your bathroom supplies. If your water system is not powerful enough to provide the right water pressure required, you need a shower pump.

There are various types of pumps in the market right now, and they work for various water systems as well as shower types. They help in boosting the water pressure of your shower so that you will be able to enjoy the device to the fullest.


We all have our favourite brands, and this is determined by our experience or recommendations from family and friends. If you have been using a brand, and it has not disappointed you, you should stick with it. On the other hand, you can try a new brand if your current brand is not satisfying you.

Final Word

Not minding your expectations, there are various types of showers you can choose from. Whether your budget is low or high, you will find a product that will certainly meet your expectations.

This guide is created so that you will not make a mistake when choosing a product. We have taken a look at different shower types and accessories that will make your washroom a place you will always want to be.

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